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Hey! Winterset shout-out!

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Can You Own a Birkin Bag and Still Be a Minimalist?

I have very little understanding of these brands, but I get the concept; I like it. Imagine yourself in my make-believe Louboutins. If you have a bunch of other stuff lying around, filling up your home, adding to the clutter, … Continue reading

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Why Adults Should Ditch The Shorts, Wear Suits – Forbes

The kid-who-stayed-40-years-too-long-on-the-playground look doesn’t inspire trust. If dressing up as a third grader is your idea of how to treat yourself, what’s your idea of how to treat me? And what’s the rest of the world’s idea of how to … Continue reading

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What It Really Means to Dress for Success – Forbes

Experiment with your appearance. Notice how people react to you when you wear certain colors or styles. Then, based on those reactions and your career goals, you can make an informed decision about how you want to “package” yourself. via … Continue reading

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How to build a basic men’s wardrobe | Om Malik

Some good and sage thoughts from Put This On on how to built a great wardrobe: Which is why, if you’re just starting to build a wardrobe, you should focus on the best fitting basics you can. A perfectly fitting … Continue reading

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