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Spark | Open source IoT toolkit

Spark | Open source IoT toolkit.

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1976 Rhodes Suitcase 88 Key

Last weekend I jumped at a Rhodes 88 key listed on Craigslist. Looking past the rough tolex and one missing tine/tonebar, this thing is amazing. The boys and I have already put in a few hours of “Frosty the Snowman” … Continue reading

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Cassette Film

Cassette Film.

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Singing Circuits: Who Needs Synths When a No-Input Mixer Sounds This Gorgeous? – Create Digital Music

Hypnotic and chant-like, this Christian Carrière composition hums and vibrates with what sounds like a chorus of electronic synthesizers.But that’s not what you’re hearing. It’s actually all a “no-input mixer” – a rig that makes use of controlled feedback rather … Continue reading

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Sunday fun

Was thrilled to find an Electro Harmonix DRM-15 and Roland CR68 drum machine pair in Des Moines today from the same seller. Great deal from a great guy.

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Saturday work

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MXR 185


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Ferrari 512 BBi Is A Piece of Art

When Holger Schubert created his studio-garage space, he did what any self-respecting, Ferrari-loving, minimalist architect would do: he took his work-of-art BB 512i and built everything around it. As any showcased work of art deserves to be, Holger’s car is … Continue reading

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The Gadget I Love/Hate: Kyle Cassidy & Micro Four Thirds Cameras — People & Gadgets — Medium

Kyle is also a fan of technology & the internet: he was one of the first photographers to put a portfolio onto the Web, and is a contributing editor for Videomaker magazine. He has also written technical books on subjects … Continue reading

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