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The 40-Year Slump

What has vanished over the past 40 years isn’t just Americans’ rising incomes. It’s their sense of control over their lives. The young college graduates working in jobs requiring no more than a high-school degree, the middle-aged unemployed who have … Continue reading

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Money, Happiness and the New Science of Smarter Spending | New Republic

Experiences can have a much bigger impact on people’s happiness than things, and a big part of that happiness lies in looking forward to the experience that you are going to have. via Money, Happiness and the New Science of … Continue reading

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Unwelcome tasks and burdens

…Town notables, as town autonomy vanished, found they had become subordinate implements of the imperial bureaucracy, and the life went out of their public functions, which grew every decade more disagreeable, more profitless and more oppressive. They had to be … Continue reading

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Can You Own a Birkin Bag and Still Be a Minimalist?

I have very little understanding of these brands, but I get the concept; I like it. Imagine yourself in my make-believe Louboutins. If you have a bunch of other stuff lying around, filling up your home, adding to the clutter, … Continue reading

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Do Local Businesses Deserve Your Money?

“LOCAL” DOES NOT EQUAL “GOOD.” Local equals local. For instance, there are many coffee shops around. One of the local coffee shops invariably has a huge line, and locals know to go there only if you have some extra time. … Continue reading

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The secret to a higher salary is to ask for nothing at all – Quartz

…The next time I had to negotiate a contract, it began in typical fashion with a prospective employer sending me a lopsided agreement and asking me to counter-propose. I said I was incompetent to do that and suggested they write … Continue reading

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Why Should I be Frugal, When I’m So Rich? | Mr. Money Mustache

And so I’d like to issue a challenge that you consider deflating, rather than inflating your own lifestyle as you get richer. The desire for luxury, while very real and occasionally pleasant to satisfy, is actually a weakness that stands … Continue reading

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Where to Sell Your Crap Flowchart

  Where to Sell Your Crap Flowchart.

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Craigslist: Sell Your Item in 24 Hours Or Less

  Craigslist: Sell Your Item in 24 Hours Or Less.

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Bitcoin May Be the Global Economy’s Last Safe Haven – Businessweek

Bitcoin May Be the Global Economy's Last Safe Haven – Businessweek.

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