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Roland TR-909 – A personal introduction

By the time I’d left for college I was familiar with the sounds of the Roland TR-909 drum machine. Daft Punk’s Homework (which had been only recently introduced to me) and it’s overt ode to the machine, Revolution 909, were … Continue reading

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EarlyE: 476 Tracks Covering the History of Electronic Music via …Caio Barros was an undergrad studying composition when he began digitizing his professor’s sizable collection of electronic music CDs in 2009. To increase its chances of mass distribution, he converted the collection into a torrent file. But … Continue reading

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1976 Rhodes Suitcase 88 Key

Last weekend I jumped at a Rhodes 88 key listed on Craigslist. Looking past the rough tolex and one missing tine/tonebar, this thing is amazing. The boys and I have already put in a few hours of “Frosty the Snowman” … Continue reading

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Singing Circuits: Who Needs Synths When a No-Input Mixer Sounds This Gorgeous? – Create Digital Music

Hypnotic and chant-like, this Christian Carrière composition hums and vibrates with what sounds like a chorus of electronic synthesizers.But that’s not what you’re hearing. It’s actually all a “no-input mixer” – a rig that makes use of controlled feedback rather … Continue reading

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Sunday fun

Was thrilled to find an Electro Harmonix DRM-15 and Roland CR68 drum machine pair in Des Moines today from the same seller. Great deal from a great guy.

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MXR 185


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Can You Own a Birkin Bag and Still Be a Minimalist?

I have very little understanding of these brands, but I get the concept; I like it. Imagine yourself in my make-believe Louboutins. If you have a bunch of other stuff lying around, filling up your home, adding to the clutter, … Continue reading

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Make Analog Synthesizers Teaches ‘Modern Approach To Old-School Sound Synthesis’ » Synthtopia

Make Analog Synthesizers Teaches ‘Modern Approach To Old-School Sound Synthesis’ » Synthtopia.

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