City-Wide Garage Sale Finds

Our family doesn’t often hit garage sales, but on a whim we hit a few last Saturday.  First stop had a Casio SK-1 waiting for us at a friendly $3; the last stop a rockin’ barely used trike for our oldest at a third of it’s retail price, and somewhere in between a nice lot of jazz albums at 25c apiece.  Every now and then it’s good to get out of the house on a Saturday morning.

Rio, Flame, In Love Again

While StacyZ was busy taking some maternity photos in a town north of here, I jumped around town to the local thrift stores to see what vinyl bites I could find. The haul was small, but a few goodies, I think:

Paul Winter: Rio
Les McCann: Tall, Dark  & Handsome
Ronnie Laws: Flame
Jimmie McDonald: Sings For the People
The Four Lads: On the Sunny Side
Gheorghe Zamfir (Musical Heritage Society)
Andraé Crouch & Disciples: Take The Message Everywhere
Bunky Green/Willie Thomas: In Love Again

I’ve given Rio a spin and immediately imported the record – very pleased with this purchase. Listening to/importing the McCann album now and enjoying, as well.  The Ronnie Laws album is a bit out of my casual listening pallete, but worth holding on to – I’ll see how I feel about it over time.  All in all a good thrift store run – always fun to see  how listening tastes are different when you’re away from your home town.


The family made a diaper/formula run this afternoon after a morning photography session (you can check that out at and I made a quick run through one of my frequented Salvation Army thrift stores – a relatively disappointing run, but I did come out of the deal with an old wooden school desk for my son and these four records at 50c each:

Petra: Not of This World
The Mills Brothers: Our Golden Favorites
The Platters: Encore of Golden Hits
The Pet Shop Boys: West End Girls (single; Bobcat Records)


After church this morning the family ran into the big city for a quick Goodwill/lunch run.  I’d seen a copy of Raffi’s “Baby Baluga” at this store a week ago and passed – it (and a copy of a book I’d seen during the same trip) motivated the return visit.

The haul (at 79c each):

Pablo Milanes: Yolanda
Harry James and His Big Band: The King James Version
Raffi: Baby Beluga
The Wurst of PDQ Bach with Professor Peter Schickele
Jose Cheo Feliciano: La Voz Sensual de Cheo
Orchestra Harlow: Salsa
American Foundation For The Blind: The Holy Bible
Lena Horne (Orchestra Conducted by Phil Moore)
Ismael Rivera: Tragio de Todo
The Best of the Stylistics

Everything You Need to Know To Operate a CB Radio

The Most Complete Record on C.B.: Everything You Need To Know To Operate A CB Radio

I picked this platter of gold (Gateway GSLP-4500) up at the Grimes Goodwill a few months ago – as soon as the needle hit I knew exactly what I had on my hands – the source of Hooverphonic’s CB chatter sample in Revolver from “A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular”:

Hooverphonic - A New Stereo Sound Spectacular at

• Breaker 1-9er, are there, uh, any smokies out there with their ears on?

• If you want a smokie, good buddy, try channel 9. . .

That’s all I needed to know.

In my recent record exodus, I fear to admit, I’d let this gem drift into the “go” pile – after realizing (as with the albums mentioned in The Prodigal Songs) that it would fetch less than a dime I pulled it from a life in long-term storage from a pharmaceutical salesman (I mean no offense, I’m really glad that guy bought the rest of the go pile).

On a related note, while digging for a cover image on the net, I found this post, drawing some great lines between CB chatter and Twitter.

The Prodigal Songs

I’m currently exercising a type of exodus for parts of my collection – with changing needs for space in the house I decided it was time to let go of a fair number of records – I’m guessing a thousand were selected – and have listed the bunch on Craigslist.  Tonight I ran through the lot (with a prospective buyer coming soon) and decided to pull a few that meant more to me than the 3 cents or so I’d be pulling in when they sold.  Tonight’s record is one of those pulled from that unfortunate consequence: Grover Sings the Blues.


After Grover (a good, light listen, with some undertones of deep-rooted sadness and a few skips, pops, and smiles) I tossed on Bob and the Devil – I can’t say that my soul was deeply moved but I was impressed that it wasn’t as bad a set of sermons as I anticipated.  Learn more about Bob and his work (and find a CD copy of Bob and the Devil for a $7 donation) at

Bob Harrington's Bob and the DevilBob Harrington’s Bob and the Devil

Sorting 45s and Thinking of Boxed Sets

I love my 45s – but I’d be much happier if all the great 45s I’ve found had been in better shape than they are. Tonight I’m still sorting through my crates and trying to shift out the fluff. As part of my dig I ran through a bundle of Stax 45s. I’m not letting any of them go – there’s too much charm in them and *gasp* at worst they’ll make for nice room decor down the road. But I really wish I could enjoy the music. And that’s where I break down and say it’s time to look for the music on CD. That’s where this list comes in.

The Complete Stax-Volt Singles 1959-1968
The Complete Stax-Volt Singles 1968-1971
The Complete Stax-Volt Singles 1972-1975

A Night of 45s

Tonight I’m doing something I haven’t done (but have needed to do) for a long time – sort through 45s to find stacks to take to the bin.  For a year or two I’d buy any record collection I could get my hands on, thinking soon every stack of neglected vinyl would be carted off and run to the dump to make room in the basements of jazzy old folks who’d forgotten what a joy it was to listen to their collections. By this method I’ve amassed a ton of records, and unfortunately about half of them are trash. . . tonight’s a night to find how many I can pull out. . .