Iowa Great Places: Madison County

I learned from this week’s Madison County Chamber of Commerce newsletter that Madison County was named one of Iowa’s Great Places by the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs:

Madison County’s proposal included projects to improve quality of life and attract thousands to the county. The projects will be long-term assets that improve quality of life for existing residents and provide ongoing education, historic preservation, and entertainment value to central and south central Iowa. Specifically, the projects will enhance a strong base of cultural attractions that make Madison County a Great Place.

Iowa Great Places awarded $97,500 this year for two projects in Madison County:
John Wayne Birthplace Museum Exhibits
John Wayne Birthplace Trail

“The Iowa Great Places designation is an exciting step in our community’s vision to establish Madison County as a destination. The Great Places funding for the John Wayne Birthplace Museum and John Wayne Birthplace Trail will help to realize a decades-long dream of many community leaders to construct a memorial and lasting tribute worthy of one of the world’s most famous actors whose roots began right here in Madison County. Funding for this project and designation as an Iowa Great Place will certainly help Madison County to promote our heritage and our cultural significance, while drawing additional visitors to Madison County to explore our roots and unique place in film history. Madison County is absolutely an Iowa great place, and the stamp of approval from the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs is icing on the cake.” – Heather Riley, Madison County Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director, 515-462-1185


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Free stuff! | KitRex

Free stuff! | KitRex.

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A tale of touching tubes | Science News

A tale of touching tubes | Science News.

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Learn more at

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How To Think

most people won’t tell teenage girls especially the together, articulate ones that they are lazy and the quality of their work is unacceptable. And sometimes kids need to hear that, or they have no reason to step up.

via How To Think.

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The discovery of the first flexagon, a trihexaflexagon, is credited to the British student Arthur H. Stone, who was studying at Princeton University in the U.S.A. in 1939. His new paper in America wouldn’t fit in his English binder so he cut off the ends of the paper and began folding them into different shapes.[3] One of these formed a trihexaflexagon. Stone’s colleagues Bryant Tuckerman, Richard Feynman, and John Tukey became interested in the idea and formed the Princeton Flexagon Committee. Tuckerman worked out a topological method, called the Tuckerman traverse, for revealing all the faces of a flexagon.[4]

Flexagons were introduced to the general public by the recreational mathematician Martin Gardner, writing in 1956 in his first column of “Mathematical Games” for the Scientific American magazine.[5] In 1974, the magician Doug Henning included a construct-your-own hexaflexagon with the original cast recording of his Broadway show The Magic Show.

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Pammel Park Bird Blind

While Ian was out for an adventure-filled day with grandma and grandpa, the rest of the family ventured out to the Nature Center/Bird Blind at Madison County’s Pammel Park. I *think I was the only one to see birds, but the boys sure had fun running around in the snow!

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Bird Watching Adventure


Had a great time today with Ian at the Pammel Park nature center/bird watching shelter.

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Pete in Crayon

Our oldest artist-in-residence surprised me this morning with “Pete in Crayon,” a commissioned piece for one of our magazine photo shoots.  Photography, assembly, and adult supervision provided by the talented StacyZ.

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Selection from Wellcome Library’s release of 100k openly licensed images | The Public Domain Review

This morning the Wellcome Library announced its release of 100,000 of its historical images under an open license (CC-BY – meaning they are free for any re-use provided that the Wellcome Library is credited). The range and quality of the images released is phenomenal. The collection covers more than a thousand years of imagery relating to the history of medicine, including manuscripts, paintings, etchings, early photography and advertisements – from medieval Persian anatomy to the satirical prints of Rowlandson and Gillray.

via Selection from Wellcome Library’s release of 100k openly licensed images | The Public Domain Review.

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