• Sakata DPM-48
    I’ve looked out for one of these for years and am excited to know one’s in the mail and likely to land safe and sound within a week. A few resources found in anticipation of arrival: Hollow Sun’s description page Creative Technology’s MIDI interface for the DPM48 March 1984 Review from Electronics & Music Maker […]
  • MTI Auto Orchestra Cartridge: COUNTRY FUNK DISCO REGGAE
    Auto-Orchestra Rhythm Cartridge COUNTRY FUNK DISCO REGGAE P/N 637-4 Fortwo Walzco Disco 2 Disco 1 Donna Disco 3 Funko 3 Funko 1 FunkcoB Funko 3 Roebuck Sears Waylon Willie Weswing Buck Reggae 2 Reggae 1 Reggae 4 Reggae 3
  • MTI Auto Orchestra Cartridge: LATIN
    Auto-Orchestra Rhythm Cartridge LATIN P/N 637-3 Bolero Mexwaltz Bossa 2 Bossa 1 Bossa 4 Bossa 3 Samba Cha-cha Mambo Brasamba Beguine Rumba Argen-tango Tango Habanera Merengue War Chant Aloha Calypso Persian Market
  • MTI Auto Orchestra Cartridge: ROCK0B
    Auto-Orchestra Rhythm Cartridge ROCK0B P/N 637-2 Seven Take 5 Presley Basic Octrock Berries Histation Latin Rock Wipe out Double Bass No Trips Stevie Big Trip Trip Lots Two-Trips Trip Trip Cobham 4 Cobham 1 Cobham 3 Cobham 2
  • MTI Auto Orchestra Cartridge: COMM.-JAZZ
    Auto-Orchestra Rhythm Cartridge COMM-.JAZZ P/N 637-1 Bluesette Viennese Waltz Swing 2 Swing 1 Jazz 2 Jazz 1 Here’s Johnny “Fats” Fast Jazz 2 Fast Jazz 1 Cut March Cut Time Cadence Dixie Stop Time Jewish Poker 6/8 March Hat Dance 6/8 Cadence Tarantella
  • MTI Auto Orchestra Cartridge List
    P/N 637-1: COMM.-JAZZ P/N 637-2: ROCKOB P/N 637-3: LATIN P/N 637-4: COUNTRY, FUNK, DISCO, REGGAE P/N 646 Rock

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