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  • Sakata DPM-48

    Sakata DPM-48

    I’ve looked out for one of these for years and am excited to know one’s in the mail and likely to land safe and sound within a week. A few resources found in anticipation of arrival: Hollow Sun’s description page Creative Technology’s MIDI interface for the DPM48 March 1984 Review from Electronics & Music Maker […]

  • MTI Auto Orchestra Cartridge: COUNTRY FUNK DISCO REGGAE

    MTI Auto Orchestra Cartridge: COUNTRY FUNK DISCO REGGAE

    Auto-Orchestra Rhythm Cartridge COUNTRY FUNK DISCO REGGAE P/N 637-4 Fortwo Walzco Disco 2 Disco 1 Donna Disco 3 Funko 3 Funko 1 FunkcoB Funko 3 Roebuck Sears Waylon Willie Weswing Buck Reggae 2 Reggae 1 Reggae 4 Reggae 3

  • MTI Auto Orchestra Cartridge: LATIN

    MTI Auto Orchestra Cartridge: LATIN

    Auto-Orchestra Rhythm Cartridge LATIN P/N 637-3 Bolero Mexwaltz Bossa 2 Bossa 1 Bossa 4 Bossa 3 Samba Cha-cha Mambo Brasamba Beguine Rumba Argen-tango Tango Habanera Merengue War Chant Aloha Calypso Persian Market

  • MTI Auto Orchestra Cartridge: ROCK0B

    MTI Auto Orchestra Cartridge: ROCK0B

    Auto-Orchestra Rhythm Cartridge ROCK0B P/N 637-2 Seven Take 5 Presley Basic Octrock Berries Histation Latin Rock Wipe out Double Bass No Trips Stevie Big Trip Trip Lots Two-Trips Trip Trip Cobham 4 Cobham 1 Cobham 3 Cobham 2

  • MTI Auto Orchestra Cartridge: COMM.-JAZZ

    MTI Auto Orchestra Cartridge: COMM.-JAZZ

    Auto-Orchestra Rhythm Cartridge COMM-.JAZZ P/N 637-1 Bluesette Viennese Waltz Swing 2 Swing 1 Jazz 2 Jazz 1 Here’s Johnny “Fats” Fast Jazz 2 Fast Jazz 1 Cut March Cut Time Cadence Dixie Stop Time Jewish Poker 6/8 March Hat Dance 6/8 Cadence Tarantella

  • MTI Auto Orchestra Cartridge List

    MTI Auto Orchestra Cartridge List

    P/N 637-1: COMM.-JAZZ P/N 637-2: ROCKOB P/N 637-3: LATIN P/N 637-4: COUNTRY, FUNK, DISCO, REGGAE P/N 646 Rock

  • Head of an Ife King

  • BBC Sound Effects Library

    These 16,000 BBC Sound Effects are made available by the BBC in WAV format to download for use under the terms of the RemArc Licence. The Sound Effects are BBC copyright, but they may be used for personal, educational or research purposes, as detailed in the license. Find the library here:

  • Articles on Being Good, on Being Great

    Flow is the Opiate of the Mediocre: Advice on Getting Better from an Accomplished Piano Player Strategy #4: Create Beauty, Don’t Avoid Ugliness. “Weak pianists make music a reactive task, not a creative task. They start, and react to their performance, fixing problems as they go along. Strong pianists, on the other hand, have an […]

  • Generative Music: an example and introduction from Alex Bainter

    Creating systems to generate music is not new. Brian Eno created several such systems and coined the term “generative music” to describe their output. He was inspired by composers like Steve Reich, who had also experimented with generative music systems. You can find an unbelievably fantastic overview of generative music by Tero Parviainen at […]