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  • Roland TR-909 – A personal introduction

    Roland TR-909 – A personal introduction

    By the time I’d left for college I was familiar with the sounds of the Roland TR-909 drum machine. Daft Punk’s Homework (which had been only recently introduced to me) and it’s overt ode to the machine, Revolution 909, were on regular rotation. I could play reasonable emulations of the classic drums through my ROMpler. […]

  • Primitive Technology: Forge Blower

    I invented the Bow Blower, a combination of the bow drill and forge blower to make a device that can force air into a fire while being easy to construct from commonly occurring natural materials using only primitive technology. I began by fanning a fire with a piece of bark to increase its temperature. It […]

  • Record Making: Stoned Mode

  • Sea Urchins Pull Themselves Inside Out to be Reborn

    Conceived in the open sea, tiny spaceship-shaped sea urchin larvae search the vast ocean to find a home. After this incredible odyssey, they undergo one of the most remarkable transformations in nature.

  • EarlyE: 476 Tracks Covering the History of Electronic Music via …Caio Barros was an undergrad studying composition when he began digitizing his professor’s sizable collection of electronic music CDs in 2009. To increase its chances of mass distribution, he converted the collection into a torrent file. But somehow, that torrent disappeared from cyberspace. Now, for the first time, ubuweb is hosting this […]

  • Video: Prairie Paradise

    Prairie Paradise from Patrick Gannon on Vimeo.

  • Lightning at 11,000 Frames Per Second

    via RealClearScience via HackerNewsletter.


    I’ll be adding information about my experience with the Hohner Cembalet both at and  Current plans are to run through: • bypassing the footswell switch • cleaning out the case • the “found” state of my Cembalet N • manufacturing “strikers” I’ve pushed a very rough HTML page to; if you can […]

  • What The Hell Was Megadeth, Arizona? — Cuepoint — Medium

    This is the story of how an unlikely threesome—a girl, a heavy metal band and their fans — pioneered the web at its infancy, bucked the status quo and proved that the Internet wasn’t a fad. It’s 1994. I’m working at Capitol Records in Hollywood, California. via What The Hell Was Megadeth, Arizona? — Cuepoint — Medium.