The Great Discontent: Merlin Mann

The fact is that most of us are wandering around, scared shitless, wondering what the fuck’s going to happen next. That’s as true when you’re 11 as it is when you’re in your 40s. It’s one reason that people feel very discouraged or disinclined to try new things—they feel like it’s not for them.

I understand that you’re asking me this because you’re trying to get the narrative, but my narrative is that I’ve never known what’s coming next—I still don’t. I fell down the right set of stairs and have been surrounded by people who have picked me up and said, “Let’s try this again.” It’s been one anxious block of uncertainty after another.

via The Great Discontent: Merlin Mann.

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The Sages Over 70 call for nominations is live. At dsm, we want to honor these veteran achievers with our third annual “Sages Over 70” award. And we want your help in doing so! Nominate long-established community leaders by filling out the nomination form below by July 16. The nominee needs to be age 70 or older and should fit several of the criteria listed on the form. Click here to submit your nomination.

Sages Over 70 Nominations | dsm Magazine.