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  • Video: Prairie Paradise

    Prairie Paradise from Patrick Gannon on Vimeo.

  • Iowa Great Places: Madison County

    I learned from this week’s Madison County Chamber of Commerce newsletter that Madison County was named one of Iowa’s Great Places by the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs: Madison County’s proposal included projects to improve quality of life and attract thousands to the county. The projects will be long-term assets that improve quality of life […]

  • Pammel Park Bird Blind

    While Ian was out for an adventure-filled day with grandma and grandpa, the rest of the family ventured out to the Nature Center/Bird Blind at Madison County’s Pammel Park. I *think I was the only one to see birds, but the boys sure had fun running around in the snow!

  • Pammel Park Backbone Trail, Madison County, IA

    Pammel Park is roughly five miles SW of Winterset in Madison County, Iowa. I’ve been intending to walk some of the county’s trails (learn more about what the county has to offer at for a few years now and, with a few days away from the office decided to give it a start. A […]

  • The magic of Madison County | Iowa Now – The University of Iowa

    With its friendly people, rolling scenery, and covered bridges etched with history, I can’t help but recommend a day trip to Winterset and Madison County. Not because you can get away from it all and experience life like it used to be in a simpler time as a lot of the marketing might suggest, but […]

  • Saturday work

  • I’ll miss seeing you around, Jerry

    Old man in audience sings song 'God Bless… by Jesus_Christ4Barack_Obama Read/watch more about Jerry’s life in a segment from local news station KCCI.


    Hey! Winterset shout-out!


  • river of monks |

    Interesting…Des Moines as “the Monks” never quite settled with me. I look forward to learning more about this alternative explanation: But there’s more. One of the first people to call the river by its European name was the French Jesuit missionary and explorer Jacques Marquette. He’d encountered natives of the Peoria tribe at the confluence […]