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  • Free stuff! | KitRex

    Free stuff! | KitRex.

  • A-Rhythm-Etic

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  • How To Think

    most people won’t tell teenage girls especially the together, articulate ones that they are lazy and the quality of their work is unacceptable. And sometimes kids need to hear that, or they have no reason to step up. via How To Think.

  • Hexaflexagons

    Read more: Wikipedia The discovery of the first flexagon, a trihexaflexagon, is credited to the British student Arthur H. Stone, who was studying at Princeton University in the U.S.A. in 1939. His new paper in America wouldn’t fit in his English binder so he cut off the ends of the paper and began folding them […]

  • Pammel Park Bird Blind

    While Ian was out for an adventure-filled day with grandma and grandpa, the rest of the family ventured out to the Nature Center/Bird Blind at Madison County’s Pammel Park. I *think I was the only one to see birds, but the boys sure had fun running around in the snow!

  • Pete in Crayon

    Our oldest artist-in-residence surprised me this morning with “Pete in Crayon,” a commissioned piece for one of our magazine photo shoots.  Photography, assembly, and adult supervision provided by the talented StacyZ.

  • 1976 Rhodes Suitcase 88 Key

    Last weekend I jumped at a Rhodes 88 key listed on Craigslist. Looking past the rough tolex and one missing tine/tonebar, this thing is amazing. The boys and I have already put in a few hours of “Frosty the Snowman” and Christmas tunes; I’m looking forward to the many hours yet to come. Here’s a […]

  • The 40-Year Slump

    What has vanished over the past 40 years isn’t just Americans’ rising incomes. It’s their sense of control over their lives. The young college graduates working in jobs requiring no more than a high-school degree, the middle-aged unemployed who have permanently opted out of a labor market that has no place for them, the 45- […]

  • Children’s language development: Talk and listen to them from birth.

    Six years ago, Suskind noticed a disturbing trend among her patients at the University of Chicago Medicine: While children from affluent families were starting to speak after implant surgery, those from low-income families lagged behind.Why? The question ate at Suskind, who co-founded the hospital’s cochlear implant unit in 2006. She believes she discovered her answer […]

  • Against Redshirting: Why It Pays to Be the Youngest Kid in Class : The New Yorker

    Our three year old is in school simply because he’s ready to be there (wants to learn), but worry that as the years go by he might be at a disadvantage by being younger than his peers.  This is interesting and timely: The less mature students, on the other hand, experienced positive effects from being […]