Sakata DPM-48

I’ve looked out for one of these for years and am excited to know one’s in the mail and likely to land safe and sound within a week. A few resources found in anticipation of arrival:

1984 Advertisement for the DPM48

Roland TR-909 – A personal introduction

By the time I’d left for college I was familiar with the sounds of the Roland TR-909 drum machine. Daft Punk’s Homework (which had been only recently introduced to me) and it’s overt ode to the machine, Revolution 909, were on regular rotation. I could play reasonable emulations of the classic drums through my ROMpler. From the awe-inspiring (and GAS-inducing) liner photos of Fatboy Slim’s You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby I knew what the machine itself looked like.  I’d never *seen one, though.  Never experienced one…

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