BBC News: Map reveals key wildlife hotspots

Scientists have developed a technique that pinpoints key biodiversity hotspots, which they say will lead to more effective conservation strategies.

Researchers used the system to identify vital habitats in Madagascar, which is home to a vast array of unique species.

Writing in Science, they say their methodology identifies exact areas that support a wide variety of organisms.

More than 80% of the known species on the island nation are not found anywhere else in the world. . .

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Stonehenge Archaeology Update

Archaeologists carrying out an excavation at Stonehenge say they have broken through to a layer that may finally explain why the site was built.

The team has reached sockets that once held bluestones – smaller stones, most now missing or uprooted, which formed the site’s original structure.

The researchers believe that the bluestones could reveal that Stonehenge was once a place of healing. . . .

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New Keyboard: Ensoniq SQ-80

I’ve yet to post the “official” announcement at my studio page, but yesterday morning I drove to Indianola to purchase a used Ensoniq SQ-80 with case, manual, and a pair of disks from a recording studio which was updating their sould pallete.  As I already owned an ESQ-M (a rack unit of the ESQ-1, which predated the SQ80) I was familiar with the sounds this synth was capable of creating and was excited to try out the ease of use many reviews of the keyboard mention.  I’m not dissapointed at all and am excited to plan the integration of the board into my synth array.  More coming soon. . .

Links to information about the SQ-80:…….

Additional Sound Libraries

Syntaur Sounds and Memory Patchman Music………

Revived Recordings from The Phonautograph (from BBC News)

I must admit, this device is news to me:

The device that recorded the audio is playing back music for the first time in 150 years. Read more at:

Matrixsynth post

Nice—it’s elsewhere on the net with more info:

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