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Video: Prairie Paradise

Prairie Paradise from Patrick Gannon on Vimeo.

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Saturday work

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Hey! Winterset shout-out!

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Fresh, hip and happening Des Moines –

On the map, Des Moines, Iowa, is a middling metro area in the middle of a vast inland ocean of corn. Corn as far as the car can drive. But in the city’s East Village, life is strangely uncornlike. A … Continue reading

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river of monks |

Interesting…Des Moines as “the Monks” never quite settled with me. I look forward to learning more about this alternative explanation: But there’s more. One of the first people to call the river by its European name was the French Jesuit … Continue reading

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Do Local Businesses Deserve Your Money?

“LOCAL” DOES NOT EQUAL “GOOD.” Local equals local. For instance, there are many coffee shops around. One of the local coffee shops invariably has a huge line, and locals know to go there only if you have some extra time. … Continue reading

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Eat Play Love Des Moines!: A little bit of El Salvador, big taste!

Wow! I’m sad it took us so long to discover this place. It isn’t much from the outside, but there is a small parking lot that will fit 10-12 cars that is well-lit. They have the inside decorated with souvenirs … Continue reading

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10 or so questions from Ben Gran: Interview with Mike Draper, RAYGUN

Everywhere is what you make of it. Des Moines has great stuff that would be cool anywhere. RAYGUN would be cool in any city. I will put our humor and style up against anyone in the country. Gong Fu Tea … Continue reading

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The Next Workplace Revolution – Jobs & Economy – The Atlantic Cities

It remains to be seen whether the mobile workforce trend will really have a transforming impact on office real estate. But for this piece of the rapidly changing workplace scenario, we are once again back to the future: cities re-imagining, … Continue reading

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