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  • a fun night of cleaning = Roland Juno 106 + wasp nest

    This little guy followed me home today—the previous owner was trying to establish some Wasp/Juno hybrid, but I’ve put an end to that project.  I’ve never cleaned a mud wasp nest off of a synth circuit board before (a challenge, but successful). Every day is a new day.  What a sound. I was able to […]

  • Roland d50 linear synthesizer

    Another tasty bit of synth candy here in Central Iowa: hi I am selling my keyboard due to the fact I never use it. does have a couple scratches as shown in picture doesn’t come with the power cord but you can but them at any music store. make offer if interested via Roland d50 […]

  • Parlours: I Dream of Chicago

    StacyZ and I made the long haul to Wooleys in DSM to see the Parlours play for their CD release party.  We didn’t make it through the full set (baby exhaustion) but loved seeing them live.  Their EP (with this track) were a large part of my Labor Day soundtrack.  Thanks to for featuring […]

  • Buried tree, more uncovered in Iowa’s mammoth mystery | Local News – KCCI Home

    I love that this history (pre-history) is being unearthed so close to home.  I want to teach the kiddos to be excited about this type of news!   Buried tree, more uncovered in Iowa’s mammoth mystery | Local News – KCCI Home.

  • Vintage Vinyl Tangerine Retro Couch – EXCELLENT condition

    Vintage Vinyl Tangerine Retro Couch – EXCELLENT condition. Oh, yes, I want this couch. And the fabric art thing on the back of it.

  • Yamaha CS01 mkII, PSS460, boombox and more

    $25 for this little gem? A good buy. Also picked up a Yamaha PSS460 for $20 and Casio PT100 for free. Then there’s this guy (with aux in) at a cool 99c: Not a bad day!

  • Woman and Infant Found Buried in Des Moines

    Well, not recently and without foul play. I suspect it’s because I don’t read the papers, but I’m glad to learn a year later that “the Palace,” a well preserved 7000 year old prehistoric settlement (with woman, infant, and housing foundations) was discovered a short drive from the old homestead: “It’s always fun to find […]