a fun night of cleaning = Roland Juno 106 + wasp nest

This little guy followed me home today—the previous owner was trying to establish some Wasp/Juno hybrid, but I’ve put an end to that project.  I’ve never cleaned a mud wasp nest off of a synth circuit board before (a challenge, but successful). Every day is a new day.  What a sound.

I was able to grab the 106 at $200; all six voices are firing and it sounds amazing.  I’ve never played a 106 before (6 (in the shop) and 60 (my first analog)) and may be falling in love with this sibling-synth.

“Old lady” owned; small folding stand and hard case, stickers on the keys for identifying notes.  A few cosmetic dings but nothing terrible by any stretch.  Oh, and the wasps.

Parlours: I Dream of Chicago

StacyZ and I made the long haul to Wooleys in DSM to see the Parlours play for their CD release party.  We didn’t make it through the full set (baby exhaustion) but loved seeing them live.  Their EP (with this track) were a large part of my Labor Day soundtrack.  Thanks to DesMoinesIsNotBoring.com for featuring their new album and bringing the group to my attention!

Buried tree, more uncovered in Iowa’s mammoth mystery | Local News – KCCI Home

I love that this history (pre-history) is being unearthed so close to home.  I want to teach the kiddos to be excited about this type of news!


Buried tree, more uncovered in Iowa’s mammoth mystery | Local News – KCCI Home.

Woman and Infant Found Buried in Des Moines

Well, not recently and without foul play.

I suspect it’s because I don’t read the papers, but I’m glad to learn a year later that “the Palace,” a well preserved 7000 year old prehistoric settlement (with woman, infant, and housing foundations) was discovered a short drive from the old homestead:

“It’s always fun to find the oldest of something … but the real significance lies in how well-preserved it is,” State Archaeologist John Doershuk said. “This site is important because it was intensively occupied and very quickly river floods sealed the deposits and very quickly preserved items that otherwise could have been lost. It’s all about preservation context, and that’s what this site really has in abundance that other sites don’t.”

Read more at the Gazette.