a fun night of cleaning = Roland Juno 106 + wasp nest

This little guy followed me home today—the previous owner was trying to establish some Wasp/Juno hybrid, but I’ve put an end to that project.  I’ve never cleaned a mud wasp nest off of a synth circuit board before (a challenge, but successful). Every day is a new day.  What a sound.

I was able to grab the 106 at $200; all six voices are firing and it sounds amazing.  I’ve never played a 106 before (6 (in the shop) and 60 (my first analog)) and may be falling in love with this sibling-synth.

“Old lady” owned; small folding stand and hard case, stickers on the keys for identifying notes.  A few cosmetic dings but nothing terrible by any stretch.  Oh, and the wasps.

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