Can You Own a Birkin Bag and Still Be a Minimalist?

I have very little understanding of these brands, but I get the concept; I like it.

Imagine yourself in my make-believe Louboutins. If you have a bunch of other stuff lying around, filling up your home, adding to the clutter, how can you value your Birkin when it is surrounded by other things that are vying for your attention, removing your awareness from this object that you adore so much?The point is to remove all the extraneous stuff so that you can have the space – literally and figuratively – to focus all of your energy on the things that you value the most. There’s nothing minimal about this shift. It’s simple, it’s small, but it makes a world of difference. It has the capacity to encourage an expansion, not a contraction, of how you view your surroundings.

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Explore – “Withdrawn from Circulation,” a gorgeous book…


“Withdrawn from Circulation,” a gorgeous book sculpture by artist Wendy Kawabata from this great New Yorker piece on book fetishists vs. anti-fetishists – a fine addition to this omnibus of extraordinary book sculptures.

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Martin Stranka Photography

It was a great photo shoot I could spend with Boris Carloff. Boris is producer, composer, engineer and musician. His latest album called The Escapist won 2 Czech music Awards “Andel” from 5 nominations and also he won Apollo 2012 award – the Czech critics award. Basically there isn’t any Czech award that he would not gain for this year 2012.

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Ferrari 512 BBi Is A Piece of Art

When Holger Schubert created his studio-garage space, he did what any self-respecting, Ferrari-loving, minimalist architect would do: he took his work-of-art BB 512i and built everything around it. As any showcased work of art deserves to be, Holger’s car is in the spotlight and on the pedestal that is the studio garage, which was designed and built for the specific purpose of working and living alongside the Ferrari. Holger shares the details of his car and of his enviable space, which includes a 16-foot driveway bridge, a ramp to roll the car outside to start, and some of the best views a car can take in of the Pacific Ocean.

Seattle Public Library Encourages Summer Reading by Knocking Books on the Ground

Doesn’t this just make you at least a little happy?
Does it qualify as some form of book abuse? It’s at least illustrative that books should be used and not left lifeless on a shelf by those with access to them (as I may be guilty of)…
I LOVE the library’s architecture. Reminds me in some ways of Roseville, MN’s public library. Not really—but in some ways.