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What The Hell Was Megadeth, Arizona? — Cuepoint — Medium

This is the story of how an unlikely threesome—a girl, a heavy metal band and their fans — pioneered the web at its infancy, bucked the status quo and proved that the Internet wasn’t a fad. It’s 1994. I’m working at Capitol … Continue reading

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This is the perfectly likable Instagram image | VentureBeat

With 150 million users sharing 16 billion photos and liking a billion of them every single day, Instagram is getting to be a more and more crowded platform. As such, if you want to stand out, it’s getting harder and … Continue reading

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Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer.

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Confessions of a Cellphone Holdout –

I hope that I have a few more years left before I come to die, but I have gotten incalculable pleasure from not owning a cellphone, even if I never did make it, as Thoreau did, to the woods. But … Continue reading

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How to Make Money in Music Now — Culture Clash — Medium

Q: Let’s jump right in. How do you do business in 2013? A: As crazy as it might sound, I run my entire business off of my iPhone, meaning that my audience can reach me directly by e-mail, text, and … Continue reading

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Attention, Shoppers – Store Is Tracking Your Cell –

Like dozens of other brick-and-mortar retailers, Nordstrom wanted to learn more about its customers — how many came through the doors, how many were repeat visitors — the kind of information that e-commerce sites like Amazon have in spades. So … Continue reading

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Twitter opens up its analytics platform, lets everyone review the performance of their tweets for free – The Next Web

Twitter has quietly opened up its various analytics tools to the public, giving everyone access to in-depth data about the people and brands who follow them, as well as the performance of their most recent tweets. via Twitter opens up … Continue reading

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The mobile testing challenge: How to improve your UX and prepare for the future | VentureBeat

Since testing can amount to as much as 10 percent of a mobile development budget, this headache can quickly avalanche into a disaster without the right direction and tools. So what options are available to help companies get through this … Continue reading

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Teens aren’t abandoning “social.” They’re just using the word correctly. — Understandings & Epiphanies — Medium

Kids aren’t leaving social networks. They’re redefining the word “social.” Rather, they’re actually using the word with the intent of its original meaning: making contact with other human beings. Communicating. Back-and-forth, fairly immediate dialogue. Most of it digitally. But most … Continue reading

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