A warm December Stroll

What a beautiful surprise for my last day of work in 2010!

I’d heard today would be a warm day—somewhere in the mid thirties to low forties—but didn’t expect to wake this morning and find snow missing from the streets, yards, and sidewalks about town.  It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to walk to work (only just over half a mile from home) and the great temperatures provided an opportunity I couldn’t afford to miss, so I gleefully tied up my Nike Internationalists and splashed my way through puddles, slid my way across unexpected patches of ice, and retied my shoes for the morning commute. I can’t wait until Spring returns and I can spend more time outside—while I wish the temperature would stay as pleasant as it is today, I don’t trust that it will. . .

Winterset Courhouse, 20101230. 48 Degrees.

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