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I am sooo ready to be out of cc debt—it’s crept in over the past five years quite silently and now plays way too prominently in our monthly budget.  Our house is taking a solid review of our assets and preparing to sell nearly every non-essential thing in our house (some of them will be dearly missed).

Get crazy. If you’re in a bunch of debt, get angry about it. Stop telling your kids that debt is a tool. Instead, get a hammer and beat the crap out of your credit cards. Stick them in a shredder. Introduce them to your power drill. Do whatever it takes to stop being normal when it comes to your money.

via Are Credit Cards a Way of Life? –

While I have no problem with spending and keep my cards tucked away in the closet under lock and key, I thought this visualization was awesome.  When I’m home for lunch today I may just take my cards, a 1/2 drill bit, go to town, and hang the results on the wall.  I  *do grow furious when reviewing debt (especially when I realize it was nearly all non-essential) but out-of-sight, out-of-mind, right?  I need some motivational art work.

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