50 Years of Publications, 500 Books, FREE from the Met

If there’s one thing I love more than finding a good book, it might be finding a good book for free. The Metropolitain Museum of Art has made over 500 titles available for free download.

A few that caught my eye (and might catch yours):

Unwelcome tasks and burdens

…Town notables, as town autonomy vanished, found they had become subordinate implements of the imperial bureaucracy, and the life went out of their public functions, which grew every decade more disagreeable, more profitless and more oppressive. They had to be driven to their unwelcome tasks and burdens, which brought no real honor and gratified no ambition. Like beasts at the water-wheel, they plodded a dreary round to haul up the taxes needed by their rulers….

Previté-Orton, C. W.. The Shorter Cambridge Medieval History. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1978. Print

Explore – “Withdrawn from Circulation,” a gorgeous book…


“Withdrawn from Circulation,” a gorgeous book sculpture by artist Wendy Kawabata from this great New Yorker piece on book fetishists vs. anti-fetishists – a fine addition to this omnibus of extraordinary book sculptures.

via Explore – “Withdrawn from Circulation,” a gorgeous book….

Seattle Public Library Encourages Summer Reading by Knocking Books on the Ground

Doesn’t this just make you at least a little happy?
Does it qualify as some form of book abuse? It’s at least illustrative that books should be used and not left lifeless on a shelf by those with access to them (as I may be guilty of)…
I LOVE the library’s architecture. Reminds me in some ways of Roseville, MN’s public library. Not really—but in some ways.

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