The Biomechanics of Good Running | Playbook |

To be realistic and absolutely honest, I’m a very long way from being a “good” runner (I wouldn’t argue if someone said I was still a long way from being a “bad” runner, either), but I’ve noticed during the 2-3 miles I walk that small changes in posture and motion make a *big difference in how tired your body feels; I can only imagine how those little changes become amplified while running.

The Biomechanics of Good Running | Playbook |

Woman and Infant Found Buried in Des Moines

Well, not recently and without foul play.

I suspect it’s because I don’t read the papers, but I’m glad to learn a year later that “the Palace,” a well preserved 7000 year old prehistoric settlement (with woman, infant, and housing foundations) was discovered a short drive from the old homestead:

“It’s always fun to find the oldest of something … but the real significance lies in how well-preserved it is,” State Archaeologist John Doershuk said. “This site is important because it was intensively occupied and very quickly river floods sealed the deposits and very quickly preserved items that otherwise could have been lost. It’s all about preservation context, and that’s what this site really has in abundance that other sites don’t.”

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