50 Years of Publications, 500 Books, FREE from the Met

If there’s one thing I love more than finding a good book, it might be finding a good book for free. The Metropolitain Museum of Art has made over 500 titles available for free download.

A few that caught my eye (and might catch yours):

This is the perfectly likable Instagram image | VentureBeat

With 150 million users sharing 16 billion photos and liking a billion of them every single day, Instagram is getting to be a more and more crowded platform. As such, if you want to stand out, it’s getting harder and harder.

After analyzing over eight million images, Curulate found the common elements of shareable, likable Instagram images.

via This is the perfectly likable Instagram image | VentureBeat.

The magic of Madison County | Iowa Now – The University of Iowa

With its friendly people, rolling scenery, and covered bridges etched with history, I can’t help but recommend a day trip to Winterset and Madison County. Not because you can get away from it all and experience life like it used to be in a simpler time as a lot of the marketing might suggest, but rather because you can experience life as it exists in this moment.

Along with most of my city-mates, I’ll say it’s good to call Madison County home.  Via The magic of Madison County | Iowa Now – The University of Iowa.

How to Shoot Day to Night Time-lapses

How to Shoot Day to Night Time-lapses from Preston Kanak on Vimeo.

As many people have proclaimed, day to night or night to day time-lapses are the ‘holy grail’ of time-lapse shooting. They tend to draw the attention of viewers because of their assumed complexity. At the same time, what people don’t understand is that they aren’t as tough to achieve as they appear. In this video, I will walk you through a few different ways of capturing these types of shots.

Found via PictureCorrect.com.

Martin Stranka Photography

It was a great photo shoot I could spend with Boris Carloff. Boris is producer, composer, engineer and musician. His latest album called The Escapist won 2 Czech music Awards “Andel” from 5 nominations and also he won Apollo 2012 award – the Czech critics award. Basically there isn’t any Czech award that he would not gain for this year 2012.

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