Category: photography

  • Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera

    And another awesome idea for a camera:

  • Never Take an Out of Focus Photo Again!

    This is pretty amazing—really. Photograph without an eye for focus; shoot now, focus later. I’m curious to see this thing in action…it’s an exciting idea but I wonder what its limitations will be.  I’m also excited/terrified of what it’s applications will be 20 years from now! The samples on the site don’t appear to […]

  • My Baby Boy

    I love this little critter 😉 (photo from my wonderful wife, StacyZ.

  • Winterset Courthouse Bell Removed

    This morning the original bell was removed from the Madison County courthouse in Winterset, IA.

  • Freelensing

    I’m excited about this idea and hope to set some time aside soon (Friday? Do you hear me?) to take a crack at it. Some beautiful photos from this process – and I like the unpredictability of it – of being surprised, to some degree, of what your final product will be after pressing the […]

  • Sunset 13

    Nine years ago I entered my sophomore year of college – the year I learned that there was more to life than good grades and Physics homework.  That I had limits and couldn’t spend my life learning everything (much as I’d like) – there just wasn’t time to take it all in. My dad’s Olympus […]