Spaces | Michelle de la Vega

Spaces | Michelle de la Vega.

We live in what you *might call a tiny house (under 800sqf) and often run into walls where we’ll excuse creative endeavors saying “if only I had the space…”.  So here’s the deal—we have the space, we just don’t use it.  There’s a garage full of stuff we don’t really want sitting in the backyard.  There’s a patio with high ceilings attached to the house that we park the Jeep in.  Convert the garage? Move the Jeep to the garage and convert the patio? We have options.  This mini-house is an inspiration to re-purposing what’s available into what you want it to be.


Yes, we have the space.


Acme’s Wine Bottle Klein Bottle

The day that I have a spare $100 bill laying around and a nice place to put it, I will own this.
I love the description, which includes “Yes, you can store wine in it, and pour wine into and out of it. But no, it’s not very practical as a wine carafe…”
“As impractical as it is elegant.”
“Not only are these difficult to fill and empty, but cleaning them is a real challenge.”
“Guaranteed to frustrate even the most dedicated wine connoisseur: it’s difficult to fill, difficult to pour, and difficult to clean.”

Order your Klein bottles today at, but do be kind and leave one for me 😉

Maxfield Parrish Quilt?

I had no idea Maxfield Parrish had designed a quilt until stumbling across this post while looking for inspirational sketches for a project for my boys…

According to QIsForQuilter, the design (A Circus Bedquilt) was published in a 1904/1905 issue of Ladies Home Journal.  Might be fun to track that one down (Not as a quilter, of course, but a fan of Parrish—I can’t imagine the time and skill required to make this quilt come together)!

Update: this pattern ran in March 1905: