Category: synth

  • Kurzweil K250

    You don’t see these very often… Kurzweil K250.

  • Yamaha CS01 mkII, PSS460, boombox and more

    $25 for this little gem? A good buy. Also picked up a Yamaha PSS460 for $20 and Casio PT100 for free. Then there’s this guy (with aux in) at a cool 99c: Not a bad day!

  • Surprise Visitor

    Stacy and I pulled into the driveway after a weekend away from town and found this little guy in the street in front of our house, being taunted by neighborhood birds; Stacy hopped out of the Jeep to see if he was injured when he flew up to our flower boxes. I had about five […]

  • Realistic MG-1

    *Super thrilled to have picked up this little monster today—my first taste of Moog. . .will have to post audio samples soon (this could be a late night)! Update!  This thing rocks!  AUDIO (it’s not a song, it’s an exploration—if it were a song, it’d be terrible)