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  • New Keyboard: Ensoniq SQ-80

    I’ve yet to post the “official” announcement at my studio page, but yesterday morning I drove to Indianola to purchase a used Ensoniq SQ-80 with case, manual, and a pair of disks from a recording studio which was updating their sould pallete.  As I already owned an ESQ-M (a rack unit of the ESQ-1, which […]

  • Revived Recordings from The Phonautograph (from BBC News)

    I must admit, this device is news to me: The device that recorded the audio is playing back music for the first time in 150 years. Read more at: Matrixsynth post Nice—it’s elsewhere on the net with more info: At Matrixsynth: At RetroThing: The NewYork Times:…

  • Online Resources—Part 1