New Keyboard: Ensoniq SQ-80

I’ve yet to post the “official” announcement at my studio page, but yesterday morning I drove to Indianola to purchase a used Ensoniq SQ-80 with case, manual, and a pair of disks from a recording studio which was updating their sould pallete.  As I already owned an ESQ-M (a rack unit of the ESQ-1, which predated the SQ80) I was familiar with the sounds this synth was capable of creating and was excited to try out the ease of use many reviews of the keyboard mention.  I’m not dissapointed at all and am excited to plan the integration of the board into my synth array.  More coming soon. . .

Links to information about the SQ-80:…….

Additional Sound Libraries

Syntaur Sounds and Memory Patchman Music………

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