Christmas Gift Ideas—for Phil

Stacy and I are both having trouble thinking of what to gift this Christmas for a few of our friends and family.  In the event you’re deep in despair, uncertain of what gifts I’d like to receive under the tree, I thought I’d prepare a list and save you some trouble 🙂  Links may be coming soon (for reference, of course!)

Half Price Books gift certificates
Crown Financial Ministries books (specified titles coming soon)
C. S. Lewis Books
Reference Book: The Context of Scripture (3 vols), Brill
Reference Book: Discoveries in the Judean Desert, Oxford
Jars of Clay music (specific titles to come), CDs, Sheet Music, or vinyl. . .
Album Leaf music
Blue Note albums from the RVG re-mastered series
Biblical Archaeological Society DVDs (educational)
Drs Aling/Billington lecture audio (link coming soon—I’ll have to do some looking for this one!)
Artifax (newsletter) subscription
Charlesworth Pseudepigrapha (vol 1& 2)
Membership in the Near East Archaeological Society (includes Artifax subscription,  mentioned above)
Blue Note Years Boxed Set (14 CDs)
Kanye West CD: “Graduation”

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