A new project is up and running at – here I’m using the power of a weblog to help me stay organized and on target for completing a dream I’ve held on to for a good 15? years now. . .I’m getting older, aren’t I?

The soldering station has been identified and ordered, now it’s time to find a kit.  The future holds only creative electronics enginerring. . . as long as I can stick to it!

a collection of synth kits for the diy hobbist
Korg, Little Bits Synth Kit, $159 pre-order
fraAngelico synth, not assembled 70€ / with assembly 120€
frauAngelico synth, not assembled 80€ / with assembly 130€
PAIA Fatman; $204.95 kit, $53.95 case
Gakken SX-150, $54.99 kit
Voice of Saturn Synths, $109.99 kit
MFOS Mini-Synth Mark II, $95 kit
Elby Designs
Electric Western Phantastron, $195
More to come!Happy building!

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