Do Something Different

drink water
go on a walk
study Greek
study Hebrew
research sound equipment
sketch a painting
theology studies
shop at a local retailer
read a blog
catch up on news
domain development
emedia models
clean office
clothes hunt
visit a friend
help your mom
clean up old notes and files
count your blessings
“classroom” exercises (software)
math exercise
sample hunt
disk drive clean up
clean inbox
prioritize to-do list
put the computer away
sort photos
edit home videos
industry news
home decor ideas
read an essay
medieval history study
church history study
be pleasant
give a gift
call someone
personal finances
design a magazine/book cover
build a logo
professional networking
local (town) networking
travel notes
build a tool
lay on the floor
sit on your desk
read poetry
do something without your computer
work in another environment

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