Fiber Foods Helps You Slim Down, and I Toasted the Muffins

As our household becomes more conscious of the foods we eat (and I sit at my desk hypocritically drinking a delicious blueberry mocha) articles like this mean a little more than than they ever have before.  Fiber in my diet? Sure.

This tip looks interesting: Heat up a bowl of oat bran instead of oatmeal; it has nearly 2 g more fiber. Add even more flavor and fiber by stirring in 1/4 cup of raisins or chopped dates before nuking it.

Read more at Fiber Foods Helps You Slim Down | Women’s Health Magazine.

And, while arguably not the best for our diets but still yummy, here’s the recipe Stacy used for our cranberry and orange muffins this weekend.  They were *delicious outside of the inconvenient truth that I’d left them just a few minutes too long in the oven (the muffins weren’t burnt, but they were *toasty).

Lastly, in the hunt to eat food that isn’t *terribly saturated with chemicals/pesticides (they’re unavoidable, but to at least be aware of what’s being ingested), here’s a handy guide to which fruits and veggies absorb the most pesticides (and may be worth spending a little more to go organic).

All this said, I’m not a hardcore diet/organic/veggie/juice freak. I’m far from it. But I am trying to be more aware of what’s going into my body, how my body digests it, and what, naturally, constitutes a balanced meal.  Articles like these help me get closer to a healthy lifestyle.

And blueberry mochas? Not so much.

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