Fridge Full of Fast Meals: Hot Pockets in the College Years

I’ve often told the story of how, during college I’d worked at Cub Foods and watched for bargain, college-kid-neccessary sales, and that one of the best deals I ever ran across was the occasional sale for Hot Pockets. The deal was based on a “reward” program for buying more Hot Pockets than you did last time. Buy one, get a coupon to save 10% on three. Buy three (with your coupon) and save 20% when you buy five. Buy five and save 40% when you buy ten (or something similar to that). The part I learned after the first couple of sales was that when you reached the maximum incentive level, the promotion didn’t cycle and start over, it just looped at the last (and most awesome) offer, the one with the greatest discount.

Because who on earth would keep coming back and buying ten packages of Hot Pockets?

That’s right. And here’s the proof that I did (dated 10/23/04):

If you look carefully, you’ll see that I have not only breakfast and dinner covered with these boxes, but dessert, as well. I can’t imagine ever going back to that diet!

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