How You Can Disable the Mac OSX Lion Starup Sound

Note: If you’re visiting this page by link, I’m afraid I’m not the original author of the page you’re looking for. The original content was posted at a page under the “” domain; when I found the domain had dropped and was (at the time) unregistered I picked it up for personal use (with my name Phil, and all). The page drives a little traffic to this site and, rather than give everyone following this link a 404 error I thought you might appreciate some trace of the information you expected to find here.

The original post can be found at

I’ve taken no effort to test these solutions, but I hope the info helps. Enjoy the silence!

The two solutions recommended in that post are:
• Psst
—-this domain is currently parked; the link above is from
—-the application appears to be hosted, as well
• StartupSound.prefPane


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