Local Events Update: week starting 20090608

1. Phil learns about dropped domains

a. x-ox.com
b. ubout.com
c. ffocus.net
d. anyquilt.com
e. A how-to guide may be in the future . . .

2. Blog.historyonthehill.com—site created and themed, rough overview with mom

3. Bathtub done! Tom & Phil complete Buchanan bathtub project. Celebrate with pizza

4. Recovery from last Wed. computer failure: new iMac, Wacom tablet, replacement G4 tower

5. 6/11: Stacy and Phil buy Coke sign in St. Charles. Drive home at 30 mph after underestimating the size (sign had to stick out of trunk, hood open, no tie-downs). Beautiful drive with only a couple of cars on the road.

6. Medicine cabinet moved to patio—wheels to come.

7. iMac stand built—now in the testing phase to see if it’s a good idea

8. iCubs game tomorrow (CANCELLED!)

9. Grand Am windshield replaced

10. Phil haircut

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