New Domain:

Bought a fun domain name tonight: I’ve been trying to think of clever, short .coms that I can register and this one came to me while exercising wordplay with Winterset, Iowa. is currently squatted, is the chamber’s site, and while I own a few Winterset/Madison County domains, I was still looking for one which “struck” me (and that it was a didn’t hurt!). is great for a few reasons, but upon registering the following stand out:
(1) it’s a LLLLL (5 letter) .com—the LLL’s and LLLL’s have now all been registered, and while LLLLL’s have a way to go before they’re all gone, the pickings are getting slimmer.

(2) While not the typical city/state order, this does represent my hometown—state/city (Winterset, IA)—while obvious, through the state abbreviation and the first three letters of the city.

(3) It’s prouncable—and I think a little clever—as “Iowan”.

What will I do with it? For now, redirect it here. But I think it’s a clever name, and one that has staying power.

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