Notes From:

• Declutter. Rid your home of things you don’t love, need, use to find white (clear, empty, blank, bare. Devoid of stuff) space.
Remove clutter and unnecessary decoration

• Create a foundation by reducing the room to basic furniture and decor (everything that the room needs to function).
Let a room be a room; don’t fill every empty nook and cranny. Keep the furniture to the minimum required and simply enjoy using the space for what it’s designed for.
Simple colors with utilitarian furniture makes a room warm and inviting.
A dramatic colour on the walls and a simple, yet beautiful wall-hung light fitting is all a room needs to pop with personality.

• Then carefully choose features to highlight, leaving everything remaining beautiful or useful.
Just because an item is “useful” does not mean it should be hidden out of sight.
Communicate your style without cluttering with sentimental items.
Surrounded by white space, a dark piece feature looks refreshing rather than overwhelming.
Texture is often all you need to compliment a simply decorated room.
Use items that have special memories or meaning attached
Let artwork stand in its own beauty on an empty wall.
Second-hand furniture brings warmth and history
Surrounded pieces with white space to provide personality.


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