RELEVANT Magazine – Christianity Shouldn’t be Cool


RELEVANT Magazine – Christianity Shouldn’t be Cool.

When many people think about considering whether or not they will be part of a community, they use words like “cool” or “fun” or “like” or “agree” or “challenge” or some other word that reflects a consumer mentality. There’s nothing wrong with liking things. We’re meant to like life. But there’s no doubt that the things we think are “cool” will one day be “uncool,” or there will be days when we don’t “like” something or when we won’t “agree” with the people around us. But these affinity terms are the primary factors one considers when determining his or her commitment level to one another. There has to be something deeper—something that reflects the depth of what it truly means to be connected. And when we move away from the futility of cool, we begin making our decisions based on a question much more sacrificial :

Am I willing to stay committed to this when I do not like it?

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