Rio, Flame, In Love Again

While StacyZ was busy taking some maternity photos in a town north of here, I jumped around town to the local thrift stores to see what vinyl bites I could find. The haul was small, but a few goodies, I think:

Paul Winter: Rio
Les McCann: Tall, Dark  & Handsome
Ronnie Laws: Flame
Jimmie McDonald: Sings For the People
The Four Lads: On the Sunny Side
Gheorghe Zamfir (Musical Heritage Society)
Andraé Crouch & Disciples: Take The Message Everywhere
Bunky Green/Willie Thomas: In Love Again

I’ve given Rio a spin and immediately imported the record – very pleased with this purchase. Listening to/importing the McCann album now and enjoying, as well.  The Ronnie Laws album is a bit out of my casual listening pallete, but worth holding on to – I’ll see how I feel about it over time.  All in all a good thrift store run – always fun to see  how listening tastes are different when you’re away from your home town.

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