Roy Hamilton—You’ll Never Walk Alone

Tonight’s Listen: Roy Hamilton, You’ll Never Walk Alone.

I picked up my second copy of this nice album on Saturday in the Ames Goodwill on Lincoln while we were in town for a family photo shoot and, later in Boone that evening, a wedding and reception for friends.  At seventy-nine cents, a bargain.

Roy’s voice is deep and full of soul—it’s almost a folk/classical/religious/soul feel—full of warbling emotion and power.  No songs on the album really send you into fantastic heights, but a strong voice is always welcome.  His “The House I Live In” stands out tonight—a few other familiar tunes scatter the album, including the ever necessary hit from the era, “Unchained Melody” and title track “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

These are the albums that make me glad to dig in crates—it’s nothing flashy, it’s nothing to make you break out in funky dance, but it’s just good music, plain and straightforward.  They don’t sing like this anymore outside of romance movies and flashback chick flicks, and it’s a shame.  This guy’s good.

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