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  • BBC Sound Effects Library

    These 16,000 BBC Sound Effects are made available by the BBC in WAV format to download for use under the terms of the RemArc Licence. The Sound Effects are BBC copyright, but they may be used for personal, educational or research purposes, as detailed in the license. Find the library here: http://bbcsfx.acropolis.org.uk/

  • Everything You Need to Know To Operate a CB Radio

    I picked this platter of gold (Gateway GSLP-4500) up at the Grimes Goodwill a few months ago – as soon as the needle hit I knew exactly what I had on my hands – the source of Hooverphonic’s CB chatter sample in Revolver from “A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular”: • Breaker 1-9er, are there, uh, […]