Tonight’s Import: Ray Meriwether Trio: Soul Invader

Tonight’s been a funny night, both Stacy and I agree.  We’re both in some odd, brain-dead funk that’s preventing us from doing anything either productive or creative.  She’s finished the Get Fuzzy Groovitude book and I’ve been in the basement practicing my wanting keyboard ability for my sister’s wedding (the debate between accompanyment tape and playing myself is over—so I’m practicing!).

A few weekends ago (two, I think it was? The Duke wedding . . .) we stopped at the Indianola Goodwill and Stacy was kind enough to let me run my way through the ten or so crates of vinyl they had there.  I’d been through the lot before, so a lot of it was old find, but a handful of goodies came out of the run, including this gem:

(image pulled from I’m Learning to Share, who has his own review of the album and it’s artwork)

If I’d read the liner notes, I may have been better prepared for the music that would bless my ears after the wedding reception (we’d stopped between the cerimony and the reception—both very delightful, by the way).  I’d suspected some oddball funk/soul from the group and was very happily suprized to hear the live jazz trio recording.  I was also impressed that this 79 cent Goodwill gem had survived in halfway decent shape!  My copy is a radio/promotional copy (so the cover isn’t quite as nice as that pictured above, mine has the “for radio play only” stamps and track listing on the lower half of the front).

After the wedding we were both tired (it’d been a good, but long, day) and sat in the basement to listen.  I’d done some odd vocal accompanyment to their “My Funny Valentine” rendition and agreed (although with some self-doubt) that I’d import the track and record myself singing over it.  We’ll see how that goes ;), but at the very least we’ll have a nice, clean, digital copy of the vinyl.  Just wrapping up side “A” now (My Funny Valentine)—will likely have wound down from the day by the close of side “B” and, after a quick export, hit the hay to gear up for Friday.

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