Tonight’s “Midnight Music” selection: Bolling: Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio (followed by The Arrival of a Young Giant)

Tonight’s selection is a nice, light jazz flute selection, Bolling’s Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio:

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No real reason this record jumped up above the others tonight outside it’s cover—I’d picked up this album in a flea market or bulk buy last year and remember the cover really sticking in my mind—a flute in bed with a piano?  Smoking?  The cover image has shown up on some blogs and forums over the past few weeks and I felt compelled, for that reason, to pull it off the shelves tonight.  It’s a nice feel for my mood tonight—I want to be asleep but will stay up to hear the album through.  There’s just enough energy in the flute/piano combination to keep me going but it’s smooth enough to not offend my tired state.  I’m sure there are much more sophisitcated and flattering reviews out there and the album is well worth them.

In fact, it looks like there are 17 more well-informed opinions at Amazon.  I think mine will remain forever a exclusive. 😉

Update: The Bolling album was followed by a light serving of young talented jazz from the Craig Hundley Trio:

(image courtesy of

It’s hard to take a group of three young teen jazz artists seriously when they’re standing on top of a train in high 70s fashion with gold chains around their necks.  Unless it’s these guys.  Without the cover art the album might sound a little better, but it was the cover art that led me to pick the album up in the first place.  Not a bad album—though it may have left me wishing for more talent in my younger years. . .

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