After church this morning the family ran into the big city for a quick Goodwill/lunch run.  I’d seen a copy of Raffi’s “Baby Baluga” at this store a week ago and passed – it (and a copy of a book I’d seen during the same trip) motivated the return visit.

The haul (at 79c each):

Pablo Milanes: Yolanda
Harry James and His Big Band: The King James Version
Raffi: Baby Beluga
The Wurst of PDQ Bach with Professor Peter Schickele
Jose Cheo Feliciano: La Voz Sensual de Cheo
Orchestra Harlow: Salsa
American Foundation For The Blind: The Holy Bible
Lena Horne (Orchestra Conducted by Phil Moore)
Ismael Rivera: Tragio de Todo
The Best of the Stylistics

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