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  • Everything You Need to Know To Operate a CB Radio

    I picked this platter of gold (Gateway GSLP-4500) up at the Grimes Goodwill a few months ago – as soon as the needle hit I knew exactly what I had on my hands – the source of Hooverphonic’s CB chatter sample in Revolver from “A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular”: • Breaker 1-9er, are there, uh, […]

  • The Prodigal Songs

    I’m currently exercising a type of exodus for parts of my collection – with changing needs for space in the house I decided it was time to let go of a fair number of records – I’m guessing a thousand were selected – and have listed the bunch on Craigslist.  Tonight I ran through the […]

  • Sorting 45s and Thinking of Boxed Sets

    I love my 45s – but I’d be much happier if all the great 45s I’ve found had been in better shape than they are. Tonight I’m still sorting through my crates and trying to shift out the fluff. As part of my dig I ran through a bundle of Stax 45s. I’m not letting […]

  • A Night of 45s

    Tonight I’m doing something I haven’t done (but have needed to do) for a long time – sort through 45s to find stacks to take to the bin.  For a year or two I’d buy any record collection I could get my hands on, thinking soon every stack of neglected vinyl would be carted off […]